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ALTERNATE ROUTES CD - Featuring a dazzling array of performers. He cruises into some new territory with Jazz, Gospel, Swing, Bossa Nova and Salsa, still maintaning the musical signature that has attracted fans and acclaim worldwide.

  1. Pillow Affair
  2. Salsa in America
  3. Open Up Your Heart
  4. Let's Go Make Love
  5. It Wasn't Raining Till I Met You (Bossa)
  6. My Fool Around Guy
  7. Santa Claus Boogie
  8. The Best Years of Your Life
  9. What He Did for Me
  10. Brenda
  11. Since I Found The Lord
  12. (Am I) Living in a Fantasy
  13. It Wasn't Raining Till I Met You (Swing)
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AMERICAN ROOTS CD - Daryl's first CD, with a little something for everybody, from the roots of American music. Contains twelve Blues, Rockabilly, Rock'n'Roll, Boogie Woogie, Zydeco and Country tunes that'll get you rocking, stompin' and swinging!

  1. I'm A Boogie Man
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. We All Owe A Debt
  4. Let Me Boogie With Your Woogie
  5. Going Back To The Country
  6. Romp In The Swamp
  7. Broadminded
  8. Double "D" Blues
  9. Karen Lee
  10. I'm Coming Back
  11. One Foot In The Graveyard
  12. Y2K Boogie